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Meet The Owner


Viola is a self-taught cook and baker who knows all about pleasing your taste-buds and making you smile. The passion for cooking was inspired by Madea (late grandmother). In 2018, Simple Treats was birth out of her through the help of Mrs. Debra her beautiful mother-in-law. Simple Treats started as a small at home bakery offering the Debra Cake Pan. Becoming a small business owner has been more than just a experience of a life time but a huge a blessing that allows Viola to display her gifts in multiple ways. Simple Treats has been featured in such publications as and Styled Shoot for a magazine. Viola has achieve many accomplishments over the years of her life but the greatest accomplishment of them is being able to keep our family's legacy alive. So enough about me don't forget to order your Debra Pan!

Forever Grateful!


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